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Survey From ALL

(Deadline extended to Friday, September 18th) 

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How to Stay Safe Ohio (And Lima)

Snow Day Plowing

Hi All,

Not sure if we are going to need plowing tonight, but just a reminder of what to do with your cars just in case.  


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Lone No More

You fight the good fight to maintain balance and make sure the darkness doesn’t have a chance to take over.

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Positive Lifestyles Program creates positive role models for Lima City School students

I had the opportunity to be one of the guest speakers at this event.  I hope they ask me back!

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The Blame Game Has Gotten Us Nowhere

What follows is the press release that I shared with WLIO and The Lima News.  Sources are attached (because I think you should be able to back up your claims).

I believe that my opponent always has someone or something else to blame for what goes on in his ward.  It's not just time to find problems; let's fix them as well.


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I Know How To Save A Life

It slowly dawned on me that we were looking at people who were overdosing.

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The Proposed Landlord Registry: Politics, Intimidation, and Lies

I hope to read this letter before the Neighborhood Concerns Committee tonight at 6pm.  Join me if you can!

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In the Lima News: 3rd Ward Debate

Yesterday, I had my first debate.  If you should run for any office,  be prepared to be in the same room with your opponent and share your views.

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Now for the Fun: Campaign Finance

Asking your friends, family and neighbors to show that they support and believe in you by giving you their hard-earned money is not an easy task. 

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