The Blame Game Has Gotten Us Nowhere

What follows is the press release that I shared with WLIO and The Lima News.  Sources are attached (because I think you should be able to back up your claims).

I believe that my opponent always has someone or something else to blame for what goes on in his ward.  It's not just time to find problems; let's fix them as well.


I have called this press conference to discuss   my   opponent’s   misrepresentation   of   the   facts   and   his voting   record.   I feel that the trend of relying on social media for our news, combined with shrinking resources for legitimate news organizations is contributing to a climate of misinformation being readily spread as facts.

   For instance, Mr. Lowe has   been   so   busy   pointing fingers at   and   campaigning against   the   current   administration   that   his   own   ward   has   suffered   the consequences. Mr.   Lowe   claims   to   offer “real   representation” while   befriending   the landlords,  blaming   the   current   administration   for   the   poor   quality   of   housing and   suggesting   a   registration   method   that   does   not   hold   landlords accountable.   He   puts   off   a   rental   registry   that   could   improve   the   home values   in   our   area, promote   and   support   our   good   landlords   and   increase   the safety   of   citizens.   No   matter   that   our   ward   has   the   highest   percentage of   rental properties   in   the   city.   According to data presented from the Regional Planning Commission, (information that is part of the public record) Ward 3 is over %65 percent rental housing.  When I am out canvassing, the poor upkeep of some of these properties is a concern for home owners and the renters alike.  It comes up over and over again, and if Mr. Lowe was talking to his actual constituents, he would realize this.  It is not a mayoral issue. It is not a tenant vs. landlord issue and Mayor Berger cannot pass this legislation, City Council has to.  It is up to our elected officials to use whatever tools are at their disposal to regulate a business sector that contributes to the value of our homes, the opioid epidemic and the safety of some of our most vulnerable citizens.  When he claims in committee meetings that renters could just put their rent in escrow or call code enforcement themselves, he is not taking into account the number of elderly, mentally ill, and developmentally or physically disabled people who are renters and terrified of losing their housing. Instead, he   and   his   colleagues   pander   in   fear   of increasing   rental   rates   when   there   is   no   such   mandate   and   it   is unnecessary   unless   dishonest   landlords   choose   to   do   so.  Council has the ability to help design a registry that would direct these people towards our upstanding landlords that don’t feel it’s necessary to provide substandard housing to make a profit.

 In addition, Since Councilman   Lowe   took   office   the   number   of   police   service   calls   from Ward   3   has   gone   up   42%.   This is according to the 2016 LPD Report, also a matter of public record. We   currently   have   the   highest   number   of   service calls   coming   from   our   area, with   13,702   or   30%   of   police   service   calls coming   from   the   third   ward   in   2016   alone.   While his “Drugs bring death” death campaign was wonderful at calling attention to an issue, I don’t see the evidence in our ward that he has initiated any projects such as neighborhood associations or block watch groups that could help instill a sense of community and lower the amount of calls to the police force.

   All   while   Mr.   Lowe   points misleading   fingers   at   the   administration   on   social   media   about   trivial   issues or   items   that   he   himself   has   voted   to   approve. His   most   recent   post   from   an “anonymous” citizen   criticized   the   approval   of the   downtown   Rhodes   State   Project   along   with   using   the   old   bank   building downtown   for   subsidized   housing.   Mr.   Lowe   never   bothered   to   state   that   he voted “yes” on   both   projects.   This   is   a   lie   by   omission, and again, a matter of public record.  The letter states that he (“the anonymous” citizen) is not sure if anyone asked the citizens if they wanted these projects approved.  That is the direct responsibility of city council to make sure that they inform citizens of legislation and get their feedback on such issues.  It is an effort that is sorely lacking from Mr. Lowe.

It   is   time   for   our citizens   to   not   take   everything   at   face   value.   Do   your   own   research   beyond social   media   posts.   Check   reliable   sources. Just   because   someone   says something   on   Facebook   or   in   fancy language, doesn’t   mean   it’s   the   truth. Anyone who politics to you with fear and accusations instead of hope and determination is not working with your best interest in mind. Demand   accountability.    As   Lima   citizens   and voters, we   deserve   that.

Whether or not I win on November 7th, my team and I will restore neighborhood associations to our area, reinstate block watches, and develop and promote teen programing that will make our youth an asset to our community. Hold me to it, and better yet, help me with it.  Thank you.


Lima 2016 Police Report  (Page 17 breaks down the amount of police service reports for the year)

2015 American Community Survey Data. These are housing statistics broken down by ward.  Information was obtained from the Regional Planning Commission.


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